Would you like to know more about what

your animal is thinking, doing and feeling?

Would you like to connect with
your animal that has passed?

Would YOU like to feel healthier,
less blocked and more vivacious?

Are you ready to live your life’s purpose
and find happiness, peace and passion in your life?

 I can help!


Wendy Van de Poll
Animal Guidance Communicator
and Intuitive Life Path Coach


I will work with you step-by-step with my Intuitive gifts as an Animal Guidance Communicator and Intuitive Life Path Coach so that either you or your animal can live a beautiful healthy life!

When you work with me you and your pet will receive intuitive guidance, tools and information about…



* Why your animal is behaving in a certain way and how to
help them feel better!

* What your animal knows about you and their Spiritual Message for YOU!

* What your animal that has passed wants to tell you!

* How to help your animal in hospice!

* Who your Spirit Guides are!

* What your Animal Totem is!

* Your Life’s Purpose!

* Get stronger, happier and calmer in your life!

* How to Love and Trust your Intuition!

I invite you to explore my full list of
services for you and your pets below!

Animal Guidance Communication

Animal Mediumship

Energy Medicine Readings and Healings

Intuitive Life Path Readings and Coaching